April 4, 2015


There are some events that can happen, which will collapse US society, but not the global society. If such an event happens, it will probably be better to flee America than to stay and try to survive.  OK, I'll give you 2 minutes to throw tomatoes at me...



...I'm sorry, but it is possible that by leaving America, you might actually help out Americans better in the long run.  I'll explain later.

The couple events I'm thinking of that could cause the collapse of US society, but not global society would be an EMP attack, major nuclear war with  at least 4 strategic hits on US soil, a very major coordinated terrorist attack, Yellowstone blowing, the La Palma tsunami, and perhaps a couple others.  If any of these events happen, the whole world will suffer and there will be a dramatic global economic crash, but most other countries will hang on (Except for maybe Yellowstone blowing.)  In a previous blog post, you can see the chances of global society collapsing in the next 50 years vs US society only collapsing in the next 50 years.  Global society has about a 30% chance of collapsing, while US society has about a 49% chance of collapsing.

So, if a future event is in that 19% possibility where only America (possibly all of North America) collapses, it can be a good idea to flee America to survive and survive well.  Does it really make sense to hide out in the woods and have a subsistence lifestyle, when you could travel to a place that hasn't collapsed and continue living a somewhat normal life?  No.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should flee America if American society only has collapsed:

1) You and your loved ones will have a better chance of surviving.  If you remain, you will have many threats, such as murder, starvation, dehydration, city fires, wildfires, illnesses, nuclear radiation, pollution, etc.  If you leave, you can avoid all these threats.

2) You can continue to have a semblance of normalcy.  You can still have electricity, shop at stores, travel, interact with other people without fear, browse the internet.  You will be able to live in the 21st century instead of being forced to live in the dark ages.

3) You can aid in the recovery effort to help get America back on track.  Let's say America collapses and you make your way to Australia.  If you are a knowledgeable person about post-collapse scenarios, you can offer some advice to the Australians who will engage in relief efforts.  If you have any stories from America to relay, you can speak to the media and describe the horrors that people are going through, in order to encourage donations to help the relief efforts.  Or, you can find a new job, work hard, and donate money for relief efforts.

Those are the three reasons why I will try to leave America if the SHTF in America only.

But the big question is, how do you leave?  Depending on the scenario, you might be able to dash over to the airport and take the next international flight to a country of your choice that hasn't collapsed.  That would be ideal.  The backup plan would be to sail to another country.  I highly recommend having a sailboat or access to one.  If you don't have the money, you might be able to partner with someone who owns a sailboat.  You can bring food, an emergency desalinator, survival supplies, and knowledge, and he'll provide the boat.  In a pinch, you can even go down to the docks and work out a deal with a boat owner who is leaving out of fear.  You can explain to him what's going on, what's going to happen, and why he should partner with you.  He's got a boat, you have a plan.  In a worst case scenario, you could just take a boat.  If the shtf, most boats will just be left in their slip anyways, but it should only be as a last resort, and you should try and find a rental boat.  I prefer catamarans.  They are faster and more stable.

You could either sail all the way to the country of your choice, or just sail to the nearest working country that has outbound flights.  For you west coasters, Hawaii or Alaska might not be collapsed yet, but the value of the dollar will collapse quickly, so if those states survive the initial event, they will likely collapse soon too.  However, you might want to cruise by Hawaii and take a look.  If the gps and other navigation systems aren't working, you should be prepared to navigate the old fashioned way.  Good luck all!


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