January 24, 2015


If you find yourself in a situation where society has collapsed for good and there is no rule of law, you might have to exact your own law enforcement and punishments.  Here are some ideas for that.

First of all, do everything you can to avoid bad people.  Bug out to the wilderness far away from others.  Still, you might have a run in with thieves or other criminals, even among your own group.  Your choices for punishment aren't limited to 2 or 3 choices.

FORGIVENESS - Things are going to be tough and some people stealing food used to be honest citizens who never stole a thing in their lives, but if their family is dying of starvation, they will do what they can to keep their family alive.  I suggest hearing their case.  Maybe some of these people you can teach how to survive off the land, so they don't have to steal.

REPARATIONS - They can pay off their punishment by making reparations, like 1/3 of their crop.

BANISHMENT - You can tell them to leave and never come back.  If they do come back, they will face punishment.

REMOVE THEM - You can tie them up, blindfold them, and physically remove them, by driving them or walking them to a far off place.  The downside is you'll have to waste precious gas on them and risk any threats on the roads as you travel or waste precious calories.

MAIM THEM - If they are a violent threat, this might be a good idea.  You can slit their achilles tendon(s) so they can't run, cut one or multiple muscles, damage their eyes, or even amputate something.

IMPRISONMENT - You can imprison them for a period of time, but you have to go through the hassle of building a jail, guarding them, risking a violent jailbreak, and feeding them while they are in jail.  If you have work they can do while in the jail, you could at least get some use out of them.  Overall, this seems like a hassle, but you might want to consider it.

STOCKS - You can put them in the stocks for a period of time.  It's a harsher punishment than jail, but it will last shorter.  Manual labor is an important asset to any sustenance, survival, and agrarian community, so getting eligible bodies back to work ASAP is important.  Stocks enable that.

FORCED LABOR - You can put criminals to work for a period of time, like the chain gangs.  They are punished, but their tough labor helps the community at the same time.  Win win.  You should consider getting some shackles as part of your survival gear. Or just use flex cuffs, but you'll have to watch them closer to make sure they don't cut them off.

EXECUTION - For the really bad guys who are a threat to society and will likely steal and kill again.

ASSASSINATION - If you come across a camp of bad guys who are stealing, killing, raping, etc., and you've witnessed this, you might want to take them out before they cause more harm to society.  This includes gangs and warlords that have risen to power by stealing and killing.  The world will be much better off without those people.  If you eliminate them, a peaceful, civil society will revive itself much quicker.  Then rescue anybody they have captive and teach the fringe people how to better survive and grow their own food.

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