October 11, 2014


Here are the most undiscovered and unknown prepper supplies and gear that I can think of:

Survival Sage
This combination of an ereader, a micro sd card, and a solar charger, can give you nearly all the knowledge you'll need to survive, thrive, and revive civilization after a collapse.  The micro sd card contains about 1.2 million pages of survival information in pdf form.

Tattler Reusable Jar Lids and Gaskets
Regular jar lids and gaskets are one-time use.  These are reusable.

BioLite Stove
Some of you have heard of this by now.  It's a great mini stove that also provides electricity for your small electronics.

Dwarf Fruit Trees
These are small trees that can grow inside.  When you bug out, you can bring them with you, plant them, and then they'll grow full-size.  Perfect for preppers.

Desiccant Packs
These absorb humidity.  Professionals say that oxygen absorbers are the better preservative aid, but the good thing about desiccant packs is they can be reused over and over again, while oxygen absorbers can't.

Glass Vials and Atomizer Bottles
Deodorants will run out.  You can use these to make and use perfume.  They will be much appreciated by all.

Bunk Cots/ Cot Couch
Cool cots that turn into a bunk bed or a couch.


Processing Table or Camp Kitchen
It has a sink and other fixtures built in.  Very nice for food preparation.

Water Pumps (foot and rotary)
The movement of water is of utmost importance for your livelihood.  Gravity is best, but manual water pumps are good too.
Mineral Salt Blocks
Use for your horses or attract deer.

Why carry 80 lbs on your back, when you can drag it smoothly behind you?  Although, this thing costs a lot.

Digiscope Connection
This is your chance to be a wannabee sniper and do some reconnaissance.  It is helpful to take digital pictures of others you see from a distance to keep an eye on the good guys and bad guys.  You can go back to your group and show the pictures to the rest of the people and tell them things like, "Avoid this guy" or "These people are probably nice."

These can help for hunting, but also setting up your defenses if you need to gauge certain distances and plan accordingly.

Come Along
Mechanical leverage--it's kind of a big deal.

Hesco Bastions
Our military uses them.  We should too.  I guess the problem is they take up a lot of room, even while empty, but if you can deploy them it will be nice.

Soundproof Foam Lining
I've been thinking about having a couple of rooster cages and lining them with soundproof foam lining.  Otherwise, roosters crowing would just announce to anyone within a mile that food is available.  You don't want that.

Biodiesel Refinery Kit
I'm not sure what will be the best way to create fuel after the collapse, but I think this might be the most promising form.

Hand Cranked Air Raid Siren
These things are really loud.  This could be a way of calling in reinforcements or if necessary, it could be used to scare away any attackers, but by doing that, you will simultaneously be alerting everyone in a 8 mile radius that something is going on, and you might have even more people investigate.

Solar Garden Lights with Bug Zapper and Off Switch
If flying bugs are bothering you, set up some solar lights that double as bug zappers.  You can then collect those zapped bugs to feed to your chickens or use as bait or even eat yourself.  However, if a threat is approaching, you will want to turn the lights off quickly, so they should have an off switch or maybe you can have a cover that you can throw over them quickly.

Doodle Sketch Drawing Board
You can use this to write and draw as much as you want and you will never have to worry about running out of ink or lead.  This will be especially good for teaching.

Manual Forge
If you plan on doing any forging and blacksmithing, you'll want one of these.

Kinetic Watch
It never needs a new battery.  You can tell time forever.

Micro Hydro Turbine Generator
Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, I think these guys can produce more electricity than solar panels, windmills, or any other method.  The downside is you'll need to position them near running water, which might result in wanderers finding it and investigating further.  Plus, it makes a lot of noise.

Wash N Go Portable Sink
This is a handy little piece of civilization.

Utility Bucket
These will be great for collecting water or food and then they fold down flat when not in use.

Pestle and Mortar
An ancient food preparation tool.  Almost none of us have these, but most of us will need them.

UV Paqlite/Tooblite/Glowstick
These things are awesome.  They will give off a glow forever.  You just have to charge them in sunlight during the day and they will glow most of the night.

Heat Powered Stove Fan
If you are in a really cold place, having a hot efficient stove is important.  This fan placed inside your stove will allow for that.

Ballistics Mask
I'm not sure if these are proven to be helpful in protection, but at least they look intimidating.

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm
If you'll be walking and hiking long distances, which you probably will, body glide can help prevent rashes.

Q Drum
If you don't have the luxury of a well or water coming to you through a canal or pipe and you have to fetch water, a Q Drum (or hippo roller) is the way to go.  You can roll your water rather than having to carry it.

Sharpening Wheel
If you run a big operation and have a lot of tools/weapons that need to be sharpened, one of these will be a timesaver.

Delta Light Ball
God willing, you'll never need to clear rooms in a tactical sense or engage in urban warfare or close range warfare, but if you do, pop one of these things into the room you're about to sweep and it will distract them just long enough for you to get the upper hand as you rush the room.

Seal Stamp
In time, you might want to validate your important communications with others.  One way to do this is by putting your seal in wax on letters you send to others.

Pack Raft
If you're travelling cross-country through land with lots of water ways, bringing a pack raft with you can save a lot of time and make your travel more effortless.  When you're finished with the raft, it packs up and you can carry it in your backpack. 

Non-Electric Iron
Not that ironing clothes will be the most important thing, but it will also help you seal mylar bags.

Concrete Canvas Shelter
With this, you can construct a solid concrete structure anywhere that will stand for 30+ years.  Set it up.  Soak it. It dries and 24 hours later, you have a shelter.  The only problem is it comes in a big heavy box and the best method of construction will require electricity, so you can blow the high power fan into it while it sets up and dries.

Hand Carders
If you plan on making textiles at some point, hand carders are a simple tool to get you started with that.

This nifty forgotten tool can help you navigate, find your position on a map, determine the time of day, survey land, and other things.

If you ever find yourself surrounded by lots of guys in hand to hand combat, go crazy with an urumi.  A day may come when almost no one has bullets anymore.  On that day, the man holding the urumi will be a bad dude. (of course, the man holding the bow and arrow will probably be the alive man)

Yo Yo Fishing Reels
Adze, Froe, Drawknife, Chisel, Mallet
Hand Auger Drill Set
Vinyl Floor Roll
Katadyn 20 year warranty 20,000 gallon filter
Bear Proof Containers
Portable Ice Maker
Solar Fire Starter
Mushroom Growing Kit
smoker baskets
Crovel Extreme
Fire Pucks
Agriculture Film
Parabolic Mirror
Spinner Bike Electrical Generator
Rescue Cart
Shakaulu Knife
Mini Battle Shield
Locust Farm
Homeless Shelter by Paul Elkin
Spare Air
Climbing Claws
Bottle Rockets
Fire Crackers
Mini Air Horns
Pond Liners
Wood Gasifier

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