August 9, 2014


If you want to buy some prepper/survival items, but only have a budget of $300, this is the perfect list.  These items are geared toward long-term survival for a person who plans on bugging out to the wilderness when society collapses.  $300 worth of supplies is not ideal.  Most notably, you'll still be lacking a firearm and ammunition, since they would essentially require the full $300.  All your main bases are covered, but you are still lacking and forced to do a lot of dollar store and Ebay shopping.  Most people will have many of these items already, but this list is starting from scratch.

$13 survival knife
$10 hand crank flashlight
$8 small axe
$8 binoculars
$7 survival guide
$5 map
$5 buckets
$4 fire starter
$3 sharpening stone
$3 small fresnel lens (it can start fires and even boil water)
$3 printed survival info (instructions of what to do, other items to get if possible, and wild edibles guide)
$2 lighters
$1 duct tape
$1 cotton balls (fire starting material and water filter layer)
$1 butcher's twine
$1 trash bags
$1 swiss army knife (generic)

$25 sleeping bag
$10 mosquito net
$8 tarp
$4 windshield cover (sleeping mat)
$2 cord
$1 emergency blanket

$15 flour (50 lbs from Walmart)
$11 fish trap
$10 mess kit
$10 seeds
$6 shovel
$6 rat traps
$6 zip lock bags (mostly for food storage)
$6 desiccant packs
$6 bowstring
$6 yo yo fishing reel
$4 snares
$4 fishing hooks
$4 bait
$2 fishing string
$2 grill
$1 cable ties (quick construction and makeshift handcuffs)
$1 rice
$1 pasta
$1 aluminum foil
$1 spatula
$1 cutlery
$1 cooking oil
$1 cutting board
$1 salt
$1 paintbrush (manual pollination)
$1 potatoes
$0 coffee straws (vacuum suck the zip lock bags before storing them with dried food)

$10 collapsible water jug
$5 water bottle (stainless steel)
$1 bleach (mostly for water purification)

$7 sports water bottle w/bent straw (makeshift bidet)
$3 towels
$2 baking soda
$2 soap
$2 toothbrushes
$1 razors
$1 tweezers
$1 glass vials (to make perfume)
$1 dental floss
$1 mirror

$4 sutures
$3 bandaids
$2 bandages
$2 hydrogen peroxide
$1 antibiotic ointment
$1 petroleum jelly
$1 dust masks
$1 condoms

$5 pepper spray
$1 bells (perimeter alarm or food storage alarm)

$2 gloves
$1 sewing kit
$1 whistle
$1 super glue
$1 pencils
$1 paper
$0 New Testament

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