August 2, 2014


aka "Good Luck Bag"

Are you a prepper on a budget?  Or perhaps, you are halfway in, halfway out of this whole prepping and survivalist thing, so you don't want to spend too much money, but you want the basics necessary to survive. Here's a list of the most important prepper items you could get for $100.  This can also be considered the "Good Luck Bag" in that the person who only has this will need some luck as well.  If they are savvy, they will survive, but will need some luck too.  So when the SHTF, toss this bag to your friends and say, "Good Luck!"

$10 survival knife

$10 GI canteen kit

$1 fire starter

$1 Bic lighter

$3 seeds

$2 buckets

$5 tarp
$6 shovel

$8 small axe

$2 hand crank flashlight

$2 cord

$1 aluminum foil

$6 yo yo fishing reel

$3 fishing hooks

$1 fishing string

$4 bait

$6 two rat traps

$1 hydrogen peroxide

$2 bandaids

$2 bandages
$2 suture

$4 zip lock bags

$3 desiccant packs

$3 sharpening stone

$1 emergency blanket

$1 bleach

$1 baking soda
$1 toothbrushes

$1 bells

$1 dust masks

$1 condiment squeeze bottle

$1 magnifying lens

$1 Swiss army knife

$1 bars of soap

$0.2 cotton balls

$1 printouts of survival guide pages and colored pictures of edible wild plants
$0.50 salt

$0.10 pencils

$0.20 sheets of paper

free New Testament

free coffee straws

What do you guys think about this list?  Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey this list is great!! I had been preparing for my dad's fishing trip next week and he had asked me to make a reliable and practical survival kit for him since he has to spend 2 weeks there with his colleagues. I was kind of confused but thanks God I saw your list and I'm getting down to work immediately!!