July 5, 2014


Buckets are one of the most under-estimated survival supplies that people will need if the SHTF and society collapses.  We overlook them because they are not an essential part of our lifestyles, primarily because we have indoor plumbing and use other containers, like plastic bags.  However, in a collapsed society, without running water, electricity, running vehicles, and supply lines, buckets will be essential to our new lifestyle.

You will want some quality buckets that are food grade and have air tight seals, plus you should also get basic buckets even like the kind you can buy at a dollar store.

Here are the different uses for buckets:

fetch water

collect food

store food

a seat

a toilet

a mini-compost bin

a trash can

collect eggs from your chickens

lay sideways, fill with straw, and your chickens will nest there

carry survival gear and make bugging out more organized

raise earthworms

raise mealworms/super worms

raise minnows (for bait and for anchovies on my pizza)

cover the top with a screen and raise crickets

put clean water in a bucket and detoxify the tilapia you want to eat the next day by letting them swim in it for a day

fill it with dirt and keep it near your fire if you need to put it out quickly if a threat is approaching

shovel and remove ash from your fireplace

use them for moving earth, especially if you're digging in a hole

lower it into a well to get water

create a makeshift water tank

create a solar water heater by spray painting it black (most basic method)

create a water filter

mix concrete

harden concrete inside to act as a foundation for posts in the ground

sort food in food preparation

transport important plants/small trees in them

wash clothes in them

wash dishes in them

create a makeshift shower with them

use for watering your garden/crops

use as a trap for catching animals

use as container for making soap

use for a buried cache container

etc etc etc

Are you convinced?  Buckets are crucial.

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