July 30, 2014


aka "Try and Survive Kit"

If you only had $50 to spend on a survival kit, what would you put together so that you could survive in the wild?  Or, if you're a new prepper and you want to run out and get some stuff today that will increase your chances of survival if the SHTF tomorrow, what should you get?  These are the most basic inexpensive items that will increase your chances of survival for a budget of only $50.  I also like to call this the "Try and Survive Kit", because if this is all you have, you're gonna have to TRY....very hard.

$10 GI canteen kit

$5 tarp

$1 kitchen knife (yeah, I know, but for $1 it's a big chunk of steel)

$1 Swiss army knife (generic)

$1 Bic lighter

$1 magnifying glass

$1 emergency blanket

$1 bucket
$1 bleach

$1 cord

$3 seeds

$6 shovel

$3 rat trap

$2 fishing hooks

$1 fishing line

$3 zip lock bags

$3 desiccant packs

$1 hydrogen peroxide

$1 band aids

$1 bandages

$0.50 cotton balls

$0.50 bar of soap

$1 toothbrushes

$1 survival guide and wild edibles guide

free coffee straws

free New Testament

So what do you guys think about this?  Any suggestions?


  1. Hey this is really cool!! I think the ideas you've given are awesome and it's kind of inspiring me to have an emergency bag myself. My mom has been keeping a 72 hour kit and I've started to feel it's really important to have one myself especially after reading your blog. Thanks a lot.