July 26, 2014


If you are planning on living in a dystopia, such as a collapsed America where everyone is struggling to survive, and you want to help people, but don't want them begging and stealing from you all the time, perhaps you can hand out "Go Away Kits".  I got the idea from a family on Doomsday Preppers who had a bunch of these bags prepared for others (although their bags contained mostly snacks and hygiene stuff).  They knew they wouldn't have the resources and supplies to help everyone, so they planned on giving refugees these go away bags and telling them to leave and not come back.

I think it's a pretty good idea for preppers and survivalists.  Whenever we come across nice people in a collapsed scenario, I think we should do all we can to usher them to a camp location of their own and help them learn how to survive.  However, that won't always be possible and there are some people that we won't feel good about partnering with, so in those cases, you can give them these go away kits.

You don't want to spend too much money on these.  You basically want to gather the minimal supplies necessary for a person to conceivably survive.  It will be no guarantee of survival by any means, but it will give them a fighting chance and some hope.  Plus, if they are trying to survive the legitimate way, it might prevent them from trying to steal from you.

Keep in mind you don't want to hand these out if you are in a location that has lots of people, because it will draw too much attention to you and it makes it more likely that somebody who has become aware of your preparedness will attempt to steal from you.

So, here's what I would put in a Go Away Kit for the North American wilderness:

$3  assorted seeds
$1  kitchen knife (yeah, I know, but it's a big chunk of steel for cheap)
$1  loaf pan
$1  emergency blanket
$1  plastic drop cloth
$1  hand trowel
$1  cord
$1  lighter
$1  3 fishing hooks and string
$0.10  small bottle of bleach
$0.33  bar of soap
$0.25  cotton balls
$0.32  Print out some basic survival guide instructions, pictures of wild edibles in the area, and a map with good bug out destinations circled.
Free  New Testament

What would you put in your Go Away Kit?

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