December 27, 2014


It seems like 75% of preppers are pro-bugging in once the SHTF.  When deciding to bug in or bug out, there is one crucial question that you need to ask: 'Will society collapse?'  If society won't collapse, bugging in is probably fine.  If society will collapse, bugging in would be stupid.  Here's why:

Your neighbors and other refugees who haven't prepared with stored food will be knocking at your door to see if you're home and if you can help them with food and other needs.  Perhaps your neighbors will be aware that you are there and eating, making it all the more difficult to turn them away.  You will basically have to watch some of your neighbors starve to death.  Can you deal with that?  How will you handle that situation when you start seeing people looking like they just came out of Auschwitz?

Once food runs out, people will get desperate and do whatever they have to to eat and survive.  If you bug in, there is a good chance that some thieves will attempt to rob your house.  If you have good defenses and are ready to use your guns, you can probably scare them away or successfully defend your home, but do you want to risk it?  Plus, once they've engaged you and realize people are living in that home, when they get really really desperate, they might return, since they think there is a possibility you have food.

Even worse than regular thieves will be street gangs, cartels, prison gangs, and warlords that rise up.  It will only take a couple weeks for these groups to organize and rise to power.  One of their primary focuses will be storing up food.  I imagine they will systematically sweep neighborhoods by going house to house with trucks and a dozen armed men.  They will get to your house eventually.  Especially if vehicles are still running, I imagine every single house will get hit by thieves and gangs multiple times.  It will happen.  It's just a matter of when.  Will you hide or attempt to fight them off?  Remember, this time it's not just 2 or 3, it's 10-20.  Do you want to risk it?  If you make the choice to bug in in a collapse scenario, this is a risk you are taking.  Also, the cold hard reality is that these guys are thugs who might take any attractive women and girls as sex slaves.  Are you willing to risk having your wife and daughters as sex slaves if you fail to defend your home?  Many preppers have a plan on destroying the entrance and part of the home to make it look like raiders have already been there and looted the home.  This is probably a good idea, but if you do that, you're forced to live in a broke down house.  Will that be fun?

When the collapse happens, you might get transformers and other machinery exploding and causing fires.  Also, riots will start fires and people cooking with open flame will cause accidents and start fires.  Firefighters have already left their posts, since they are more concerned with the survival of their families, so no one will be left to put out the fires.  Fires will rage through cities.  If you live on an upper floor of a tall building, you have even more to fear.  Fire threats make bugging in really dangerous.  (Your best counter to this threat could be having an air tight under ground bunker to jump in when the fires come.)

Water will stop running out of the faucet.  Storing up water is great, but what happens when you run out?  You can harvest water, but does it rain enough to water your garden, give you drinking water, and washing water?  If not, you will have to deal with feeling dirty and gross all the time, getting fungus, having body odor, and perhaps being thirsty and having a struggling garden.  If there is a source of water nearby where you will fetch water, it probably won't be safe to travel there and back.  Making yourself visible is always dangerous, even if it's just crossing the street.

Obviously you will want to store up food.  But once your food runs out, you will need to start gardening, raising food, or hunting and foraging.  What's the point of bugging in if you will eventually need to leave to find a place to farm?  Why not go and secure a piece of land where you can farm right away?  It doesn't make sense to wait, because it will be like starting over.  If you bug in for 10 years with the 10 years of food you have stored up, you will be at level 0 once that food runs out, while the other survivors will have flourishing farms and trade networks set up already.  Growing a garden in your backyard can be done if you make really good use of the space, but if neighbors and thieves peak over and see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in your backyard, which will basically be what you'll need in order to feed your whole family, you will make yourself a big target.  It is a big risk being seen with all that food.  Furthermore, you will need to spend a lot of time out there tending to your garden.  You'll make some noise and might be seen.  You would be better off clearing a little patch of land in the middle of the forest where no one will ever find you.  Also, if you have years worth of food stored up, you will need to realize that there is always the possibility that someone might steal it.  Hidden storage and caches are helpful, but you might be run out of your house completely.  No matter how bad a** you are, you can't entirely rule out the possibility of being run over.  Or what if you realize that it has gotten so dangerous that you need to bug out and now the roads are blocked and you won't be able to bring all the food with you as you bug out on foot?  If you plan on bugging in and still eating meat, it will be extremely difficult.  Tilapia will probably be your best bet, but water might be scarce.  Rabbits are great, but they will require a lot of extra grass to be grown or you will have to go out in public to fetch the naturally grown grass.  Chickens are noisy.  Raising insects might work.  Catching birds, squirrels, and dogs might also work.

You will need to cook your food and perhaps have a fire to stay warm and boil water.  Propane is a start and having firewood stocked up is a start, but again...what happens when that runs out?  Remember, the collapse is total and complete.  Society can't just reboot itself in a year or two.  Can you collect wood nearby to burn?  Other survivors will be trying to do the same, so is there enough firewood for all the survivors?  Also, every time you go outside, you expose yourself to potential crime or stalkers who will follow you home and steal from you there.

This piggy backs off the water issue.  Is there enough water to bathe and wash your clothes?  There probably won't be if you are only harvesting water from your roof.  The other big issue is what do you do with your waste?  The sewers aren't flowing and the garbage men aren't picking up the trash. If you have a septic tank, you're lucky, but most will need to dig an outhouse.  Also, have you stored up enough soap?  What will you do once you run out of soap?  Do you have plans to make your own soap?  Toothpaste?  Deodorant?  From what I understand, it will be easier to make these things on a farm with animal oils/fats and more room for production.

Because of the fear of being caught alive and well by the wrong people, you will be cautious about making noise.  You can't talk loudly, laugh out loud, sing, play games, and be yourself.  Perhaps you could in a basement or bunker, but it will be difficult trying to be quiet all the time, especially when you need to build and construct things.

Cooking food and boiling water means that you will have fire and smoke.  Fire and smoke can be a sign to the bad guys (or even your neighbors) that people are alive and perhaps cooking.  Cooking inside is better so you can maintain a low profile, but there will still be smoke coming out your chimney.  However, this is one instance where the city fires can help you.  If there is already a lot of smoke in the sky, your small fire will not cause much of a problem.  In terms of using less wood and emitting less smoke, rocket stoves are good, fan assisted stoves are better, solar ovens and fresnel lenses are the best, but these last two will require being outside during the day.

At night you will have to be weary of having any lights on or flames showing to the outside world.  Even a glow can catch someone's eye.  You will need to use dark curtains if you want to have lights on at night.  Or you could designate a couple inner rooms as the ones to use at night to lessen the chances of light exposure to the outside world.  If you were to bug out instead, you can use flashlights, lanterns, and campfires as much as you want at night.  If you bug out to a remote forested place, the risk of being discovered by bad guys will be so low that you wouldn't have to worry too much, especially if you take a few easy precautions.

You might stink.  Others in your group might stink.  Your clothes might stink.  Your dirty towels might stink.  Your outhouse might stink.  The whole town will stink from garbage, rotting bodies, sewage backup, etc.  It will be gross.  You will begin to hate it.  If you bug out to the wilderness, you'll have plenty of fresh air and water to wash all you want.

All of the above issues will begin to wear you down and make you go crazy.  You are confined to your home.  You see your neighbors starve.  You are afraid to be seen.  You have to keep quiet all the time.  You are paranoid that every noise outside is gangsters coming to kill you and take all that you have, so you don't sleep well.  You can never relax.  It stinks real bad.  You get cabin fever.  You want to go for a walk just to get out of the house, but you can't.  The stored up food is starting to taste nasty.  There is smoke in the air all the time.  You aren't getting along well with your family and the kids are crying often.  Bugging in will become a nightmare situation.

December 22, 2014





This is perhaps the most extensive prepper quiz or self-assessment survival test you can find online.  It has 189 questions on a spreadsheet.  You can make a copy of the spreadsheet to work on it or print it out and do it by hand.

Your prepping situation, plans, and preps will be questioned to discover your chances of survival.  The questions go beyond basic survival and will also give you an idea of how well you will be surviving if society were to collapse.  The questions cover 7 main categories: Group Dynamics, Location, Security, Water, Food, Medical, and General Survival.

I got the idea for this from the "Get Your Prepper Score" test on the Doomsday Preppers website.  I assume a lot of those questions come from the Practical Preppers.  However, I thought that quiz was very limited in scope and I disagreed with many of the assumptions.  This prepper quiz assumes a total collapse of society and has much more in depth questions.  You may disagree with some of the questions and the point system, but feel free to adjust this survival self-assessment test in any way you desire.  Just make a copy or download it and change it to fit your style.

High score is 10,000 points.  I figure the average prepper family will score about 7,000.

I will try to put this prepper quiz online once I find the right software/platform/app.  For now, this will have to do.  You can either download the excel file, open it in Google and make a copy, or view the quiz below.  It's better to use Excel or Google, since it will calculate your totals for you and reveal your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Good luck preppers and wannabee preppers!


The high score is 10,000 points, however it's impossible to get the absolute high score, since some of the questions negate each other on purpose, but high in the 9,000s is possible. The questions are divided into 7 categories: Group Dynamics accounts for 6% of the points; Location 16%; Security 23%; Water 9%; Food 19%; Medical 6%; General Survival 23%. (Perhaps Security is too high at 23%. What do you think?) This quiz is based on a scenario of a complete collapse of society for the foreseeable future. The SHTF. It is WROL. Electricity, supply lines, sewage, and all other services have failed. Since the primary threat will be other humans, you'll see this assessment emphasizes avoiding other humans. You might disagree with this strategy. You are welcome to change the questions or values to create your own version. Please share this on social media. If you repost this quiz on your website or blog, please make a reference and link to the creator,, where you can get a survival information package of 1.2 million pages (equivalent of 6,000 full-sized books) for less than $70.  

1How many people are in your survival group that will live and work together?
My general feeling is that a group of about 30 is most ideal, at least initially. Large enough for protection and to get things done, but not so large that it's unorganized and people don't feel responsible for producing their own food.
2What percent of your group is in their prime? (teenage through 50s)
Although, having a couple wise and experienced elders can help a lot.
3What percent of your group is male?
Realistically, a group of ten guys will have a better chance of surviving than a group of ten women. Most groups will be mixed anyways, so no biggie.
4What is the average physical health of your group? (overweight and out of shape is not as big a deal as things like a bad back and requiring medication)
extremely poor0
5How would you rate the mental strength of your group? (intelligence, general knowledge and street smarts)
extremely poor0
6How would you rate the ability of your group to function under the stress of an emergency?
extremely poor0
7How would you rate the ability of your group to stick to the master plan after the collapse of society? (ex. “I know we said it was just going to be our two families, but is it OK if I also bring my cousin's family...and my neighbor's kids...and can we pick up my great Aunt Lucy on the way? We can stretch our food rations right?”)
If your group can't stick to the master plan, it could be the undoing of your good chances of surviving.
extremely poor0
8How would you rate the work ethic of your group?
extremely poor0
9How functional is your group in that it has good leaders, good secondary leaders, and good followers?
extremely poor0
10How close knit is your group in terms of how long you’ve known each other, how much time you’ve spent together, and how well you get along?
Trust is important. Getting along is important.
very close knit24
close knit19
so so12
not close knit3
we actually haven’t met yet0
11How often does your group practice survival skills?
once a month or more often47
multiple times a year43
once a year36
we have a few times23
never have0
12How often does your group drill for a SHTF scenario?
once a month or more often23
multiple times a year20
once a year14
we did a few times11
we did once7
never have0
13How well does your lifestyle now match up with how your lifestyle will be after the STHF?
If your lifestyle is the same, you're essentially 'prepared' already.
practically the same78
there will be some changes65
there will be changes40
there will be a lot of changes18
it will be drastically different0
14Do you live at your main survival location or do you have to travel there when the shtf? (if you plan on bugging in, then bugging out if necessary, it is recommended to do this survey twice for each location)
If you already live there, it removes a lot of danger and inability to bring your supplies, since you'll already have them there, and you won't have to brave the roads.
I live there58
I plan on bugging out as soon as I know it's gonna get ugly44
I'll bug out when there is no other option0
15Do you have multiple bug out location possibilities? These would be survival locations other than your current home.
Having a bug out location is a must. Spend some time on Google Earth and decide on some locations.
Yes, multiple that are walking distance, multiple that are driving distance, and the ones that are driving distance are in different directions from our home and miles apart from one another14
Yes, I have multiple bug out locations, but they don't meet the criteria in the above response11
I just have one and I'll wing it from there6
I don't have a bug out location-57
16Do you have a map of your main survival location?
17Do you know all the routes to get to your locations?
Yes, and I've got maps9
Yeah basically6
No, but I at least know one route3
I have no bug out location0
18Do you have a bug out vehicle?
yes, it’s emp protected and diesel fueled24
yes, it’s emp protected21
Yes, it's diesel fueled18
19Is your bug out vehicle well equipped?
yes, it's tricked out to the max and we'll be cocked and loaded9
well, it's dependable and should do the job4
umm, it's kinda slow and doesn't have 4 wheel drive or I don't have a vehicle0
20Are you able to get all your personnel and supplies to your survival location in one trip or will it take multiple trips?
Going back for more supplies is a big risk-big reward kind of game. Play wisely.
one trip (or I'm already there)26
2-3 trips6
3 or more trips0
21Do you have enough fuel to get to your survival location?
yes, I have enough fuel stored already to get me there and then some (or I'm already at my location)23
yes, only enough to get me there (or I won't drive to a survival location)14
I plan on filling up at first sign of distress before the gas stations run out of fuel7
not quite0
22If automobiles aren't working, do you have an alternative plan for getting to your bug out location with all your gear?
yes, we have horses and wagons or bicycles and wagons or other rapid transportation to get us and our gear to our bug out location (or we're already there)24
yes, we’ll walk and we have carts, wagons, etc.14
no, we’ll walk and carry what we can0
23How far will you have to travel to get to your location?
10 miles or less-1
11-50 miles-5
51-200 miles-18
201-500 miles-50
501-1,000 miles-107
more than 1,000 miles-213
24Will you have to travel through populated areas to reach your destination?
no, it's pretty rural area10
yes, but it's not very populated5
yes, through lots of people0
25Where is your main survival location?
Living in the bush is the safest, since it makes it very hard for thieves and bad guys to find you.
in the bush164
rural (on a dirt road)85
rural (on a paved road)57
small town14
mid-sized city3
suburban outskirts of large city1
26How far is your survival location from a major city? (1 million+ population)
Refugees will flee cities and spread out across the land looking for water and food.
more than 200 miles71
101-200 miles28
51-100 miles14
50 miles or less0
27How far is your survival location from a small city? (between 80,001 and 1 million population)
more than 125 miles43
76-125 miles21
26-75 miles10
25 miles or less0
28How far is your survival location from a large town? (between 4,001 and 80,000 population)
more than 75 miles28
46-75 miles18
11-45 miles7
10 miles or less0
29How far is your survival location from the nearest small town? (population of 4,000 or less)
Being within a day's walk from a small town is actually good, because you will have a place to go for raids if you need things. Not that you should steal, but a lot of the people will have left their things behind or died, so you can take advantage of that. Or, if the people are surviving, you can trade with them.
13 miles or more21
5-12 miles24
1-4 miles6
Less than 1 mile0
30How far is your survival location from the nearest paved road?
6+ miles85
3 - 5 miles64
.5 - 2 miles21
less than ½ a mile4
it’s on a paved road0
31How far is your survival location from the nearest dirt road (or paved road again if a paved road is closer)?
5+ miles28
2 - 4 miles26
.5 - 1 mile14
less than ½ a mile6
it’s on a dirt road0
32How far is your survival location from a major body of water?
Refugees will flock to major bodies of water, especially ones that are familiar to them. Tent cities will spring up and conditions will degrade and become very dangerous as food runs out.
16+ miles43
5 - 15 miles28
1.6 -4 miles17
.6 - 1.5 miles3
.1-.5 miles-6
I'm camping on it.-36
If you need to fetch water or do some fishing, you don't want to be so close to the water that others travelling the water ways will find you, but you don't want to exert all your energy by walking long distances every day, so a medium distance is suitable. However, if you get your water from a well or rain catchment, etc. and don't need to do any fishing, you can be as far away from water as you like.
33How far is your survival location from the nearest body of water of any size?
2000 or more meters10
500-2000 meters28
200-500 meters26
50-200 meters4
I'm camping on it.0
34How likely is it that refugees or bandits will discover your survival location because it is either upstream or downstream from where they currently live?
This question is asking how likely they will find you AS A RESULT of living downstream or upstream. Previous questions of being near cities and roads account for how likely they will find you in general. This question needs to be asked, though, because as people seek fresh water and food, many will simply travel upstream from wherever they live.
not possible, because practically nobody lives downstream or upstream from my survival location58
it’s a remote possibility40
it’s a possibility17
there will probably be a few0
there will definitely be people travelling through who will discover my survival location-57
35Is your survival location within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant or within the fallout zone of a nuclear power plant (about 100 miles downwind)?
You need to check the map to double check about this one.
O crap, yes it is-1138
36Do you have a survey meter, like a geiger counter?
It is often good to have trees surrounding your location, but this question is accounting for the threat of wildfires. With many people cooking over open fires, using candles, and mistakes happening, wildfires will be a serious concern. Other questions ask about firewood, construction materials, and being hidden, which have a positive view on living in the forest.
37Is there woods and vegetation around your survival location?
yes, brush and grass, but it’s usually green31
yes, bushes and trees, but they’re usually green24
yes, brush and grass that is usually dry14
yes, bushes and trees that are usually dry0
38Is your survival location on the windward side (the side from which the wind comes; the receiving side) of a forest or brush area?
If you are on the windward side of a brush/forest area, there is a smaller chance of being consumed by a wildfire.
it’s kind of in the middle2
no, it’s on the leeward side (the opposite side of windward)0
my survival location isn’t in a forest or brush area7
39If a fire sweeps through your area quickly and catches you off guard, is there a place you can go to avoid being consumed, such as jumping in water, a deep tunnel or bunker?
yes, it’s close by (or it’s not possible for fire to sweep through my area)10
yes, but I will have to run a bit to get there first4
40On what floor will you be living at your survival location?
If you plan on surviving in a high rise, your biggest threat might be a fire, since the water will no longer be running and firefighters won't come to help.
ground floor or underground0
21st or higher-63
41Is your survival location in tornado territory?
yes, but we have a bunker/cellar/basement1
yes and we could get blown away0
42Is your survival location in hurricane territory?
yes, but we have a strong enough shelter and we'll avoid any rising tide3
yes and we'll just pray for the best0
43Is your survival location flood prone?
The USGS publishes info on the 100 year flood zone areas if you're not sure.
no, but it is within the 100 year flood zone1
44How often do blizzards occur in your survival location?
now and then0
45Is your survival location earthquake prone?
46Is your survival location in a tsunami danger zone?
not possible2
it's possible, but not likely1
yes (Hawaii and parts of pacific northwest, near the shore of course. Unless La Palma drops into the ocean, then the east coast will get messed up. Maybe parts of Alaska too, not sure.)0
47Is your survival location downstream from an earthen dam?
Dams require human maintenance. Without that, they will fail at some point. I wouldn't attempt to live downstream from one of these.
48Is your survival location downstream from a concrete dam?
49How far is your survival location from a prison?
In a collapse, a lot of prisoners will escape or simply be let out. They won't hesitate to lie, steal, and kill to survive. If they survive as gangs in your area, that's even worse.
more than 200 miles43
101-200 miles33
51-100 miles16
16-50 miles9
0-15 miles0
50What state is your survival location in? (this accounts for violent crime rate by state)
Are there violent people in your state?
Low Crime Rate (Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming)6
Middle Crime Rate (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas)3
High Crime Rate (Alaska, Delaware, DC, Nevada, Tennessee)0
51Again, what state is your survival location in? (this accounts for gang member ratio by state)
Powerful gangs will rise up in a post-collapse scenario. The presence of gangs now is an indication of trouble post-collapse.
very low threat (Missouri, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut)7
low threat (Oregon, Montana, Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, Rhode Island, Massachuesetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii)6
a possible threat (Alaska, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Tennessee, New Jersey, Maine)3
it's a threat (California, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Illinois)0
52Again, what state is your survival location in? (this accounts for cross-border drug cartel organized forces threat)
Without border protection, these cartels will steamroll across the border and do whatever they want to whomever they want. I consider them to be the biggest threat post-collapse.
low threat (all others)17
mid threat (NV, UT, CO, OK, LA)11
high threat (CA, AZ, NM, TX)0
53Is the infrastructure at your survival location already built? (e.g. shelter, fire pit, cooking area, tanks, irrigation, plumbing, outhouse, barriers, etc.)
It's not necessary to have everything built yet, but building things equals time and time equals food and food equals survival, so it's nice to have things set up already.
yes, it’s fully built20
it’s mostly built17
it’s half way built11
some stuff is built7
the land is cleared, but nothing is there yet4
I have to build from scratch, including clearing the land0
54How far is your average visibility from your living quarters? (Are you surrounded by trees, houses, buildings that allow people to sneak up on you? On the other hand, that is good cover, but that is the next question.)
You will want to see if somebody is coming. You may also want to scan for wildlife.
over 1 mile115
¼ mile to 1 mile100
201-400 meters54
81-200 meters28
16-80 meters0
15 meters or less-20
Often this question is at odds with the previous question. If you can find a way to hide your camp and possessions, yet at the same time, be able to see a long distance, you have the perfect combination. My general rule of thumb is that the more people you have to defend your position, the more visible you can be to the outside world, not that you would want to be, but with a lot of people it becomes hard to stay invisible anyways.
55How visible is your location from the outside?
we're basically invisible to the outside world299
not very visible171
somewhat visible57
very visible0
56How visible are your 'goods' to the outside? (garden, solar panels, wind mill, animals, storage tanks, etc.)
they're basically invisible157
If your goods are visible, it invites trouble. This is why being very rural is very important.
not very visible100
somewhat visible28
very visible0
Don't forget to go to for a digital survival library on a Micro SD card that contains 1.2 million pages of survival info. That's the equivalent of 6,000 full-sized books.
57Do you have a warning system?0
yes, a very good and reliable one43
58Do you have physical barriers around your survival location to help with your defenses?
yeah, they’re impregnable135
yeah, they’re good110
yeah, they’re satisfactory71
kind of36
59Do your physical barriers have a natural look that blends in with the land?
If wanderers can pass by without noticing, that's better.
kind of3
60How sturdy is your living quarters?
it could withstand RPGs and TNT20
it is bulletproof and you can't chop through the walls17
as sturdy as a regular house9
not very sturdy3
i will sleep under the stars, cuz I like to watch meteor showers, since there's no more light pollution.0
61Does your living quarters have protected doors?
yes, metals doors, but there is still a way to see out somehow9
yes, metal doors, but when shut, I can't see out6
yes, bars are around the doors and they can be locked4
extra locks on the door3
regular door1
there aren't really doors to my living quarters0
62Are your windows protected?
yep, bulletproof shutters or equivalent6
I got bars around them4
all I can do is keep them locked and shut2
there's no protection0
it's not applicable, since I don't have windows.0
63Do you have a bunker or safe room?
yes, it’s disguised well and it has a secret escape18
yes, and it has multiple entrances14
yes, one way in and one way out4
64How much food and water will be stored in the bunker/safe room?
How much food you have stored total will be asked in a later question.
over 5 years' worth7
between 1-5 years worth6
less than 1 years worth4
my supplies won't be stored in a bunker/safe room0
65Will you have someone on watch 24/7?
yes, and with a 360 degree view36
yes, but no 360 degree view26
66How many able-bodied men (or women) are in your group that can help defend your position?
2 - 311
4 - 624
7 - 944
10 - 1488
67How many guns do you have per person who can handle a gun?
2 - 361
less than one17
no guns0
68How much ammo do you have per gun-wielding person?
less than 100 rounds0
100-700 rounds30
701-3,000 rounds83
3,001-10,000 rounds107
10,001-20,000 rounds199
more than 20,000228
69Do you have a rifle?
Remaining quiet might keep you alive, which is why I value suppressors.
Yes with scope, suppressor, and night vision54
yes with scope and suppressor50
yes with scope and night vision48
yes with scope only41
yes with suppressor only36
yes, but no attachments33
70Do you have a .50 cal rifle?
Is a .50 cal necessary? I don't know. Is stopping a vehicle from afar necessary? Is allowing your attackers to hear a thunderous boom and see their homeboy split in two necessary? Probably not, haha, but it's definitely good to have one just in case.
yes with scope, suppressor, and night vision23
yes with scope and night vision21
yes with scope and suppressor21
yes with scope only21
yes with suppressor only14
yes, but no attachments11
71Do you have a 22lr gun?
One of these with a night vision scope will help you tremendously with night time garden hunting for varmint. Protect your food and get some more in the process.
Yes with scope, suppressor, and night vision31
yes with scope and night vision28
yes with scope and suppressor28
yes with scope only26
yes with suppressor only24
yes, but no attachments21
72Do you have a shotgun?
yes, and it holds more than 3 shells31
73Do you have a handgun?
Yes with suppressor33
74In case of a gun fight (fire fight) is your best weapon automatic?
I realize many people say that a fully automatic weapon is not necessarily better than semi, but it makes for a great display of force if you hapen to be in a firefight. It could cause your attackers to back down.
yes, fully automatic43
yes, 3 burst automatic38
it's semi-automatic36
it's not even semi-automatic4
no or I don't have any guns0
75In case of a gun fight, how many rounds does your magazine carry (or what is the maximum that can be loaded)?
more than 10011
11 - 207
5 - 104
less than 50
76When you have a loaded gun and all extra magazines loaded and on your person, how many rounds does that represent?
more than 25026
10 - 304
less than 100
77How many knives do you have per person?
A high score is offered for these, because knives are the most important survival tool.
3 or more406
less than 1157
78Do you have a way of sharpening those knives?
79Do you have night vision goggles?
80Do you have body armor?
yes, body armor and helmet26
yes, just body armor13
I just have a helmet13
81Do you have a guard dog?
yes, and he's well trained30
82Do you have any defensive tricks up your sleeve like IEDs, grenades, flash bangs, tear gas, pepper spray grenades, booby traps, molotov cocktails, or flood lights?
yes, all kinds of awesome stuff40
yes, some31
kinda maybe13
83Do you have any less than lethal weapons?
84Do you have an escape route if you get overrun?
yes, and it’s a protected retreat, such as an underground tunnel27
85Can you pop smoke for cover?
86Do you have an established rendezvous point for your party if you have to leave your survival location in a hurry?
87Do you have a hidden cache of your most important survival supplies somewhere away from your main survival location?
Do not neglect this. It could save your life.
yes, and it has lots of food, supplies, and guns to start all over if need be199
yes, a fair amount of that164
yes, but it just has the basics100
88Is your hidden cache protected from the elements, animals, and people that stumble upon it? (this might mean being in a bear-proof container)
89Do you have a Plan B bug out location if you have to leave your main location?
90Do you have a Plan C bug out location if you have to leave your main location and your B location?
91Does your party have non verbal hand signal communications?
92Does your party know morse code?
some do4
93Does your party have coded talk or speak another language?
some do3
94Do you have walkie talkies?
95Do you have a system for long distance distress signals/communications like 3 gunshots, a flare gun, bottle rockets, bullwhip cracks, signal fire ready to go, homing pigeons, emergency whistle, etc.?
96Does anyone in your group have military training?
yes, 20% or more of the people34
yes, multiple people23
one person10
97Does anyone in your group have law enforcement or security training?
yes, multiple people21
one person9
98Do you have something to write with and write on?
With no phones and internet, notes and letters become important again. It might even be a security issue.
yes, lots of paper and lots of pens or pencils31
yes, some paper and pens or pencils21
oops, we forgot that0
99What is your primary water source?
private well313
rain catchment270
hidden pipe running off a water source256
melting snow228
small stream or small pond228
medium sized river or lake199
visible pipe running off a water source142
large river or lake85
hundreds of condensation traps57
public well43
irrigation canal or reservoir28
our pool14
we have stored water, but no plan after that0
100Is there a nuclear power plant on the shores of your primary water source body of water?
This would mean game over. Double check the map. Experts seem to think nuclear power plants will go into thermal meltdown once the backup systems fail.
yikes, yes-1281
101If you are not currently at your location, do you have enough water stored to drink while you travel to your survival location?
yes, or I'm currently at my location41
I think so, but I also know of water sources along the way34
I think so27
102How do you plan on purifying your water?
it's rain catchment, snow, fresh meltwater, or collected condensation that I will keep clean and purify as well54
reverse osmosis53
it's rain catchment, snow, fresh meltwater, or collected condensation that I don't plan on purifying47
chemical treatment and filter47
chemical treatment43
quality filter41
bio filter38
natural materials filter36
actually, I like Giardia, Chryptosporidium, and Noro Virus0
103Will your water source be available year-round?
yes, definitely313
likely, but we have enough water storage capacity to make up for possible dry months299
no, but we have enough water storage capacity to make up for the dry months270
likely, but we have a backup water source elsewhere that we can use if necessary228
no, but we plan on using a backup water source elsewhere during the dry months192
no and we don't have the ability to store the additional water we'll need and we don’t have a backup water source-1423
104Do you have durable water bottles or water containers for everyone in your group that are good for travel?
A simple stainless steel water bottle will work, so you can boil it.
some, but not enough for everyone61
105Do you have a way of purifying water when you are traveling and away from your survival location?
106Do you have water manipulating equipment, such as pumps, hoses, valves, pvc pipe, tanks, etc.?
Irrigation and plumbing is incredibly important and a fastlane to reviving civilization.
yes, we have a lot of that stuff and can rig up some nice irrigation or plumbing47
yes, we have some of that stuff36
we just have some buckets/barrels26
107How much food do you have stored per person?
10+ years356
6 - 10 years341
3 - 5 years327
1 - 2 years306
7 - 11 months270
3 - 6 months142
1 - 2 months57
1 week - 29 days28
less than a week0
108At your survival location, will your food be in multiple locations?
If your location gets overrun or robbed, you don't want the bad guys to find all of your food. This can help.
yes, and a lot of it’s hidden too38
no, but it's hidden21
109Are you or someone in your group a farmer or gardener?
yes with plenty of experience64
yes with some experience57
I've never grown, but I know the basics40
no experience whatsoever. So, I put the seed in the ground, right?0
110How many seeds do you have?
Obviously you can harvest seeds to use for the next year, therefore, you can continue to grow indefinietly, but having extra is good just in case some don't work, you end up with more people in your group than you thought, or you need extra to trade or sell. Remember, most refugees won't have seeds. If you give them seeds, maybe it will prevent them from stealing from you in the future and they could actually join your alliance or trade network.
more than 20x enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for a year213
between 11 and 20x enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for a year199
between 6 and 10x enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for a year185
between 2 and 5x enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for a year171
enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for a year157
enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for 6 months57
less than enough to harvest a yield that will feed everyone in my group for 6 months36
I don’t have seeds0
111In what grow zone is your survival location?
11 or higher131
112How arable is the land at your survival location?
it’s perfect for growing228
it’s good for growing199
it will do171
we will really have to work to create growing conditions, but we have the tools and know-how157
it’s not favorable43
it’s infertile and we won’t attempt to grow0
113How about a greenhouse and the climate?
the climate allows for year-round growing71
I have a greenhouse to do year-round growing63
we'll just grow during normal seasons58
with the use of a greenhouse we can grow during normal seasons51
we can only grow for a short season31
with a greenhouse we can only grow for a short season23
we won't be growing food0
114Are there fruit and or nut trees in your location?
yes, plenty18
yes, some13
I have some that I will transport to my location11
I have seeds to start growing them9
no, and no plans for it0
115Do you or someone in your party have knowledge of wild edibles in your area?
yes, someone knows, plus we have a print guide that shows us what’s edible64
yes, someone knows54
no, but we have a print guide to show us what’s edible51
We have some knowledge28
116How well will your survival location provide wild edible plants, wild game, fish, birds, and insects?
extremely well55
extremely poorly0
117Can you or someone in your party trap?
yes, I know I can26
I know what to do and I'll try16
118Can you or someone in your party trap fish?
yes, I'm old school Native American like that28
I know what to do and I'll try17
119Do you have equipment for trapping (medium game, small game, fish, birds)?
yes, I have equipment to trap all of those33
yes, I have equipment to trap some of those26
I only have one type of trapping device14
120Can you or someone in your party hunt?
yes, I'm experienced41
I know what to do and I'll try31
121Can you or someone in your party fish?
Yes, I'm experienced16
I know what to do and I'll try9
no, we don't know how or there won't be fishing possibilities0
122Do you have fishing gear?
yes, lots of gear and bait11
yes, some gear and bait9
yes, just the bare basics6
I have no fishing gear0
123Will you be able to farm fish?
yes, I can even set up aquaponics57
yes, I will farm fish53
I have some fish for it and I'll try44
I'm gonna rush the local pond/pet store/asian food market and see if I can wing it once I get to my location34
124Will you have quickly reproducing animals other than fish to eat? (like rabbits)
125Will you have livestock?
126What do your animals eat?
they'll eat local vegetation and bugs14
animal feed that I have, plus I will grow what they eat13
animal feed, and I have years' worth stored and ready for them7
animal feed, and I have some of it stored for them3
uh, I guess I'll just eat them right away cuz I have no feed for them (or I don't have animals)0
127Are your animals noisy?
If you want roosters, you might consider having them in a cage lined with carpet or sound proof foam. If a dog is quiet on command and can act as a guard dog, he's worth it, but if he barks a lot and doesn't help with security or hunting, he's not worth it.
no, they're quiet (like rabbits, or I don't have animals)0
a little noisy (goats, cows, pigs, dogs, horses)-11
yes, noisier than a jazz band at Mardi Gras (If you have roosters, this is you.)-70
128Do anyone in your group have experience raising and caring for farm animals?
yes, many years and multiple animals14
yes, a fair amount of experience11
some experience (or we have experience, but we won't have any animals initially, so experience might not matter)9
129Is anyone in your group a veterinarian?
yes, a large animal veterinarian11
yes, a regular vet9
someone has some related experience6
130Do you have basic cookware like pots/pans?
131Do you have mason jars and a can cooker?
Yes, over 150 jars per person51
yes, between 51 and 150 jars per person34
yes, between 10 and 50 jars per person26
yes, but less than 10 jars per person7
132Do you have reusable mason jar lids and gaskets?
Tattler makes reusable jar lids and gaskets. It will be important for long-term survival.
yes, I'm pro like that71
no, but I have over twenty years' supply of lids/gaskets55
no, but I have over ten years' supply of lids/gaskets43
no, but I have a supply of lids/gaskets21
133Do you have a dehydrator or drying racks?
You can even use the racks in your oven if you have nothing better.
134Do you have mylar storage bags?
no, but I have another form of air tight bags/containers13
135Do you have oxygen absorbers or humidity absorbers?
yes, thousands of them20
136Is your climate cold enough to preserve food naturally or have you rigged a makeshift refrigerator using cold water or a cellar or you're a boss and still have electricity and a working refrigerator--basically, do you have a way to keep food cold?
yes, I can even keep food frozen year-round38
yes, I can keep food cold year-round24
I can keep food cold for part of the year only13
137Do you have lots of salt?
Most of us consume so much salt now, that we don't realize how important it is to us. We take it for granted.
yes, a lifetime supply for all needs40
yes, lots18
138How much soap do you have?
over 10 year supply or I can make my own134
between 6-10 year supply121
between 1-5 year supply64
less than 1 year supply14
I don’t have soap and I don't know how to make it0
139How many toothbrushes do you have?
a lifetime supply31
enough for many years16
just a couple6
just my current one3
140How much toothpaste or toothpaste substitute do you have or can make/find?
enough to last me indefinitely21
more than 10 years' worth17
6-10 years' worth13
1-5 years' worth10
less than 1 year worth3
I don't have any0
141How much dental floss do you have?
more than 10 years worth9
6-10 years worth7
1-5 years worth4
less than 1 year worth2
I don't have any0
142How much disinfectant do you have, such as bleach?
over 10 year supply or I can make my own28
between 6-10 year supply26
between 1-5 year supply18
less than 1 year supply10
I don’t have disinfectant and I don't know how to make it0
143Can you keep mosquitoes away?
yes, I have mosquito nets7
yes, I don’t have mosquito nets, but I have other methods of keeping them away6
I have multiple years worth supply of mosquito repellant3
I have some mosquito repellant1
There aren't any mosquitoes0
144Do you have antibiotics?
yes, a lot and I know how to make more51
yes, some and I know how to make more46
I know how to make antibiotics44
yes, a lot33
yes, some17
145Do you have antiseptics?
yes, a lot and I know how to make more43
yes, some and I know how to make more40
I know how to makee antiseptics36
yes, a lot27
yes, some17
146Do you have sutures?
yes, lots18
yes, a fair amount16
yes, some11
147Do you have bandages?
Yes, a lot14
yes, some9
148How much other medical supplies do you have?
A lifetime supply per person or more43
probably as much as we'll need39
149Will you grow medicinal plants?
150Do you have doctor's tools?
151Do you have dentist's tools and supplies?
152Are you or someone in your group medically trained?
yes, doctor40
yes, nurse or equivalent27
some medical training18
153Are you or someone in your group trained in first aid?
yes, multiple people33
yes, one person is trained26
154Do you or someone in your group know CPR?
yes, multiple people know it7
yes, one person knows it5
155How much money have you spent on survival equipment, supplies, and training?
more than $12,000 per person85
$6,001-$12,000 per person71
$3,001-$6,000 per person53
$1,001-$3,000 per person25
$251-$1,000 per person9
$101-$250 per person3
$100 or less per person0
156Are your supplies at your survival location already?
You always want to have some supplies with you, but if you know you'll be able to make it to your survival location, it is best to get as many of your supplies there as possible, as long as they'll be safe. Having your supplies there now prevents the chaos of packing, taking inventory, and possibly making multiple trips under stress.
all of my supplies are0
most of my supplies are24
about half of my supplies are22
some of my supplies are18
none of my supplies are0
157How secure are your supplies now (pre-shtf) from theft or damage? (Typically, supplies are safest when they are with you or hidden and locked.)
very secure92
somewhat secure14
not secure-14
158Do you have horses?
yes, multiple males and females that can breed33
yes, at least one male and female that can breed28
159Is anyone in your group a horse trainer?
someone has some experience with that9
160Do you have a bicycle?
yes and with spare parts16
161Do you have a large backpack or other transport bag?
162Do you have a sleeping bag or bivvy?
A sleeping bag or bivvy is your most basic form of shelter. It's very important, especially for travel.
yes, and it’s warm, waterproof, and lightweight102
yes, it’s a good one71
yes, it’s acceptable41
163Do you have flashlights, lanterns, and other lighting equipment?
Batteries will run out. It's best to use rechargeable devices.
yes, multiple and they can be recharged27
I have one that can be recharged24
yes, multiple, but they can’t be recharged10
I just have one and it can’t be recharged6
164Do you have extra ammo for barter?
165Do you have other items for barter?
The best barter items are small, lightweight, and inexpensive now, but will be valuable and scarce later.
166Do you have go away kits?
This would be small kits of basic survival supplies that you can give to refugees whom you can't help further.  Just give these to them with some helpful instructions and send them on their way.
167Do you have digging equipment?
yes, shovels and other tools83
yes, just shovels68
168Do you have buckets, barrels, bags, and other containers?
yes, lots of containers of all shapes and sizes85
yes, it should be enough67
yes, some47
169Do you have rope/cordage?
yes, lots and lots of all shapes and sizes57
yes, it should be enough43
yes, some28
170Do you have wood cutting/sawing/splitting/working tools?
Think about axes, saws, splitting mauls, wedges, drawknives, adzes, froes, chisels, mallets, taper saw files, etc.
yes, with my tools I can produce firewood, a log cabin, a table, and a chest of drawers78
yes, I can do wood cutting and some wood production71
I only have tools to do basic cutting64
I don’t even have an axe0
171Do you have tools for non-wood working tasks?
yes, for just about any task38
yes, a lot34
yes, some24
172Do you have a survival library?
yes, hundreds of thousands of pages and it’s extensive with information beyond normal survival guides285
yes, tens of thousands of pages with extensive information185
yes, multiple books107
it’s all in my brain and I know a lot83
I have a survival guide36
I don’t have one0
Survival knowledge really is one of the most important things you'll need in a survival situation. I recommend a huge digital library like at and hard copies of the most important survival information. You can't possibly know everything. Bring some survival information to help when you get stuck.
173What methods of starting a fire do you have?
fire starters and lighters285
magnifying glass/lens and lighters285
solar fire starter and lighters270
magnesium fire starters (multiple, but no lighters)265
regular fire starters (multiple, but no lighters)262
If you live in a sunny location, magnifying lenses are a great long-term fire starting tool, but otherwise ferrocium rods (fire starters) are the best long-term fire starting tool. However, lighters are obviously the easiest, so do yourself a favor and bring those as well. Bic lighters or better are good.  Some of the cheap ones can leak out lighter fluid over time.
magnifying glass/lens (but no lighters)262
solar fire starter (but no lighters)250
regular fire starter (one, but no lighters)185
magnesium fire starter (one, but no lighters)157
lighters (more than 10 good quality)157
lighters (6-10 good quality)107
lighters (1-5 good quality)71
lighters (multiple poor quality)64
lighter (one poor quality)57
waterproof matches54
friction method, and I've successfully done it before36
friction method, I've never done it before24
other method (MacGyver is my hero)36
I won't have a method to start a fire-427
174Given your supplies, how many fires will you realistically be able to start?
You shouldn't need to start a new fire everyday, but you want to be able to start thousands of them to ensure you have fire creating abilities long into the future. 5 or 6 quality fire starters should give you fires for life.
Over 4,00092
between 2,001-4,00075
between 501-2,00057
between 101-50026
less than 1007
none, I'm just relying on dumb luck0
175What about fuel for cooking?
Cooking with a fresnel lens means you don't have to collect and process wood, so you're saving precious calories, and you won't release any smoke that could be visible to thieves. However, you can only cook when the sun is shining and these can be very dangerous. If you cook with one of these daily for the next 40 years, a mistake is bound to happen.
I will cook with a fresnel lens164
I will use wood and there's plenty of it around to collect157
I will use a solar oven137
I will use dung107
I will use fuel and I have more than a 10 year supply85
I will use fuel and I have a 6-10 year supply43
I will use fuel and I have a 1-5 year supply18
I will use fuel and I have less than a year supply0
I like to eat things raw-142
176Are there construction materials at your survival location based on what you brought or what you can get nearby? It can even be simple things, like wood and mud.
yes, plenty26
177Which sources to generate electricity do you have?
solar panels30
thin film (or foldable) solar27
gas generator11
stocked up on batteries10
178How long will you be able to generate electricity?
More than 10 years23
between 6-10 years17
between 1-5 years9
less than a year4
I have no sources0
179Is your shelter and important infrastructure water proof?
180Do you reasonably believe your shelter will remain heated/cooled as necessary if the electrical grid is down?
yes, no doubt31
I think so26
it will get rough at times, but we'll live21
heat stroke or hypothermia will be a factor-57
181How long can it remain heated/cooled?
more than 10 years27
between 5-10 years21
between 1-5 years16
less than 1 year6
it won't0
182What bands can you pick up on your radio (AM, FM, NOAA, Short Wave, CB, other bands)?
I can pick up all bands43
I can pick up most bands40
I can pick up a few bands36
I can only pick up one band20
I don't have a radio0
183Can you transmit over the radio?
I can transmit on all the bands28
I can transmit on most bands26
I can transmit on a few bands24
I can transmit on one band14
I can't transmit0
184Given your supplies and the power source, how long will your radio work when using it 30 min/day, if it doesn't break?
more than 10 years20
between 5-10 years17
between 1-5 years13
less than 1 year4
I don't have a radio0
185Overall, how would you rate your survival gear? Do you have all the equipment you’ll need for just about any task and the new post-apocalyptic lifestyle?
below average18
186Does anyone in your group have survival training?
yes, most do141
yes, some do121
one person100
187Do people in your group have valuable skills other than the ones already mentioned? (already mentioned: military, law enforcement, gardening, hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, doctor, nurse, cpr, first aid, veternary, raising animals, horse trainer, survival)
yes, we have lots of other valuable skills51
yes, we have some other valuable skills26
I don't think we have any other valuable skills0
188How well does your Plan B bug out location meet the standards of this survey?
it meets the same standards31
it meets most of the standards26
it meets some of the standards16
I don’t have a Plan B location0
189How well does your Plan C bug out location meet the standards of this survey?
it meets the same standards17
it meets most of the standards14
it meets some of the standards9
I don’t have a Plan C location0

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