October 19, 2013


DIRTY 30:  The Best Possible Survival Team

Actually, this isn't the best 'survival team' per se.  This is the best 'SURVIVE AND REVIVE TEAM' possible.  This is the team you would want to have if only 30 people on earth could survive or if you needed to put together a team that had the goal of surviving and REVIVING CIVILIZATION, so it goes beyond just 'living'.  This team is assembled to get us back to how things used to be.

You will notice that most of them are young.  They are young on purpose.  You want them to be old enough and knowledgeable enough that they can accomplish all that will be required of them to bring back civilization, but you want them to be young enough that they can survive long enough to be able to accomplish their task when the time comes.  In a hypothetical situation, this team would mostly be focused on surviving and staying safe for the first decade.  During the second decade, they would be focused on forming alliances, securing territories, igniting an economy, and getting the basics back online.  By the third decade, if all goes well, they can finally begin to direct and re-build society.  So, if the team members are 30 at the time of the collapse, they will be in their 50s and 60s when they are really needed to fulfill their purpose.  If it takes longer than 4 decades to begin to rebuild society, we've lost our window of opportunity and we'll have to rely on books that survived the collapse.

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