September 7, 2013


A lot of preppers recommend joining a small town or small community to survive together.  If the scenario is a complete collapse of society, I'm OK with that if by 'small community' you mean a few dozen preppers.  I'm not OK with it if you mean a small town of 3,000 people.  The larger the group is, the more problems you will have.  It basically comes down to simple math equations.  On Doomsday Preppers, I believe they say that 3 million Americans are preppers.  That's about 1% of the population.  If we have a town of 3,000 people, there should be around 30 preppers, who have only stocked up enough supplies for themselves.  And yet, the whole community is supposed to survive together.  How?  Preppers can't prepare for everybody.  It's not even going to be as easy as it looked on Jericho.

Here's the cold hard math: Take the amount of food that has been stored up and divide it by the amount of people in your group.  How many days will it last?  Will it last until the first harvest?  If not, how exactly will you survive?  To be fair, agricultural and livestock communities have a better chance of surviving if they can secure their food source and secure their position.  But keep in mind, almost all farming nowadays uses gmo crops, so you're only going to get that one last harvest, right?  What then?  How many non gmo seeds do you have?  To be honest, you can't even count on one last harvest, because if the collapse happens too far ahead of harvest, irrigating the fields might not work.  If the collapse happens right after the harvest has been sold off, you're in trouble.  You're only lucky if the collapse happens right before harvest.  Here are some critical questions to ask.

Do you personally know everyone in the survival community?
How many days of food is stored up for everyone?
Is there food nearby that can be gathered to extend the amount of days everyone has food?
Are there livestock within the community that can be butchered? (e.g. dairies)
How defendable is your community?
How far is the community from cities?
Will your community be able to fend off attacks by armed gangs?
Will your community be able to turn away vagabonds if there is not enough to go around?
Will your community deny help to the outsiders they know who try to take refuge there as well?  (e.g. friends or extended families from other locations.  Will 3,000 people turn into 5,000 people that way?)
Can your community come up with rules that everyone can agree on?
Can your community get along well enough without killing each other...sometimes literally?

If you really think about all these issues, it makes you realize how much easier it will be to survive in a small group like 1-3 families.  My preference would be to survive alone (in a small group) in the wilderness about 2 miles from a small community.  If the community survives, you can join their extended network.  If the community dies, you can salvage their stuff.  If the community gets run over, you can salvage their stuff.  If the community turns bad or is replaced by bad men, you can avoid them or fight them if you have to.  Bottom line, I still think isolation is one of the keys to survival.