August 10, 2013


I would push the Department of Energy to harden vital parts of our electrical grid.

I would emphatically suggest that we have backup large transformers pre-made, ready, and on standby.

I would ask for a tightening of security around nuclear power plants, oil refineries, and all laboratories that conceal biosafety level 4 pathogens.

I would establish 'Earthquake Saturday', a day that occurs the first saturday of April where we purposefully detonate explosions underground along suspected trigger areas of fault lines in order to cause earthquakes to happen, yes cause them to happen.  It is better to have many 4s, 5s, and 6s, than allow them to build up pressure to release a 9.  Everybody could spend the day in a park and avoid buildings that may collapse.

Rather than relying on military bases 1 mile underground with 5 years of food, I would purchase a 3,000 acre lot in each of the FEMA regions with a year-round water source, arable land, and a defensible position to ensure COG.

Rather than suggesting every American have a 72 hour emergency kit, I would recommend every American have: 4 weeks of food stored up, enough seeds to grow food that will feed them for a year, fire starting items, warm sleeping bags, tents, water filters or purification means, an emergency radio, a large first aid kit, tarps, rope/cord, axe, knives, and plenty of spare hygiene items. (I would recommend more, but it's best that the most important items be highlighted, so that maybe they will at least do that much.)

In a worst case scenario, where it is obvious that society is collapsing, aid should come in the form of air drops with packages of these long-term survival items.  These air drops should start with towns of population less than 1,000, small military bases, and island communities, because they stand the best chance of surviving intact.

[The basic point is that if something REALLY bad happens, there's no possible way FEMA can take care of everybody.  If FEMA can't even handle Katrina or Sandy, how could they possibly handle worse?  Rather than trying to herd everybody into refugee camps only to starve to death as a result of government incompetence, it's best to point Americans in the right direction and pray that they will survive, band together, enforce their own laws, and civil society will remain.]

Prisoners with less than 5 years remaining, should be let out at random time intervals throughout the day when all law enforcement has lost control and guards need to leave and be with their families.  We'll call this day 'WROL Day.'  (And this is in a scenario when society will completely collapse and not return for decades)  The warden and a few men, should stay to deal with the rest.  Prisoners with 5-35 years remaining, should remain in their cells and be given only water and no food for the number of years they have remaining x 2 in days.  So, if they have 10 years remaining, they should stay in their cell for 20 days past WROL Day and be given only water, and then let out.  If they have 35 years to life remaining, or are on death row, they should be executed.  Under no circumstances should large groups of prisoners be let out at the same time.  If you do that, you are only facilitating the formation of ruthless prison gangs that will rise to power post-collapse.

I would encourage the military to keep intact special forces teams and a certain amount of air force reserve for as many years as possible post-collapse to locate the gangs, drug cartels, and warlords that have risen up and hit them with air strikes or artillery to just wipe them out completely.  This sounds harsh, but the tyranny these groups would impose over their territories would be much worse.

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