August 24, 2013


This could be a great idea for a bug out shelter or a bunker for your backyard.  It is a fabric that has concrete mix meshed into the fabric.  You blow it up to a round strong position, wet it, and let it dry.  24 hrs later, you have a concrete shelter that will last about 20 years.  I emailed the US distributor and they said they cost between $20,000 and $30,000.  There are 2 sizes: 25 sq meters and 50 sq meters.

I'm envisioning the possibility of bugging out with one of these and setting it up in a national or state park once society has collapsed, haha!  I likely wouldn't have enough electricity to blow it up as required, so I'm thinking I would use a series of pvc pipes that can brace it up into the round shape it is supposed to be.  Anyways, watch these videos.  They are awesome.

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