May 18, 2013



Whether you are transitioning through an area or securing your camp, having a spotting scope (or binoculars) is essential for security after the SHTF and in a world without rule of law (WROL).

With a good spotting scope, you can see details a mile out.

If you are transitioning through an area, you want to be able to scope out the path before you.

If you are driving along a road and you see something ahead of you that could be an ambush, a wise decision would be to stop right where you are and get your spotting scope and take a look.  It could save your life.

If you need to pass through a valley and you see some houses down below, get out your spotting scope and check it out.  You can check out the structures and the people.  How many are there?  Are they armed?  Are there men, women, and children?  What are their activities?  Are they growing crops and therefore, likely self-sufficient, which means they are less likely to be hostile towards others in an offensive manner, but will likely be hostile in a defensive manner?

The more information you can find out about people, the better it will be for you.  When it comes to other people, there are generally three different ways to interact with them: ally, avoid, or engage.

ALLY: This can be anything from simple greetings and an exchange of information to a strong relationship with a neighbor where you work together for mutual security and defense of your position.

AVOID:  Don't approach them and try to stay hidden from them.

ENGAGE: To issue warnings, threats, terms, or fight them.

Before you decide which of these actions is appropriate, you want to collect as much intelligence on others as possible.  You don't want to make the mistake of attempting to meet with people that you should avoid.  If you spy on them from afar, you can better assess which action to take.

When you are securing your own camp/property/home/bunker/base, the use of a spotting scope is invaluable as well for the same reasons.  You will want to find out who is around you and who is approaching.  You want to know as much as possible about others as soon as possible, so that you have time to prepare for an alliance, avoidance, or engagement.  If people are approaching, an early warning system is essential.  It gives you time to get into battle positions and get the children to a safe location.  Establishing lookout points with guys in ghillie suits with a spotting scope and radio are a good idea.

Another great opportunity with spotting scopes is connecting them to a digital camera and creating a digiscope setup.  If you still have batteries/electricity, you can digiscope and take pictures of all the people nearby.  You can then show those pictures to your people and let them know "These people seem friendly." or "Avoid these people at all costs!  They are dangerous."

Obviously, spotting scopes are also good for hunting.  I'm sure you already knew that.

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