April 16, 2013


When the SHTF, try to get some of these fish alive, so you can raise them.  Then try to get a tarp or large containers.






Tilapia are the best choice.  They grow quickly and reproduce well, plus they taste good.  If you can't get them, you should be able to get some goldfish or koi.  Are there any koi ponds near you?  Pet stores almost always have goldfish.  The large ones, like Petsmart or Petco, usually have around 1,000 goldfish.

A tarp can help create a quick pond for the fish.  Dig a 2 foot deep pond that is as big as your tarp will hold. (deeper than that for bluegill or catfish)  Have it be in the sun, but you might also want to add structures or plants for shade and spawning depending on your fish type.  An actual fish pond liner is best, but in a pinch a tarp should be fine, or even a kiddie pool.

One of the best sources for sustainable food is fish that you farm.  Game will be hunted to near extinction.  Fish in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas will be over-fished.  Even small game will be well hunted and trapped.  Fish provide an excellent source of meat in post-apocalyptic times.

Most of these fish are fairly low maintenance.  They need oxygen in the water.  Normally, people use pumps.  If you don't have that luxury after the SHTF, you can take a bucket of water, shake it up, and pour it in.  Do about 10 buckets a day like that and it should be enough oxygen.  If you see them gulping at the top, then they need even more oxygen.  Having fish food is best, but you can improvise.  For example, duckweed is an excellent food that keeps growing for them to eat.  Animal droppings can be put in the water and will grow algae that fish like Tilapia will eat.  That's why plenty of people raise their chickens or rabbits near the fish pond (sometimes over the fish pond).  You also want to make sure the Ph levels are OK and the temperature is good.  Some ways to adjust temperature would be to use a light or dark lining, cover part of the pond with shade, drop in heated rocks, etc. and just see where the fish migrate too.  Tilapia and catfish like warm water.  Goldfish are hardy animals, but like fairly warm water as well.

In addition to these fish, I wouldn't be opposed to having an additional pond with minnows or mosquito fish or some other type of small fish that you can eat whole.  I think they would make good toppings for my survivalist pizzas!  :D

I'm not an expert on raising fish, so doing some additional research on this subject will be well worth your time.

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