April 18, 2013


I learned in one of my archaeology classes that Native Americans used to hunt in their own gardens.  It highlights the positive aspects of vermin invading gardens.  Gardens can not only provide you with vegetables, but meat if they attract it.  On the other hand, if you don't properly watch your gardens, they will get eaten.

So keep an eye on those gardens.  Be ready with your shotgun or small game rifle.  Maybe the best method would be to set up traps around your garden.  In fact, I'm quite sure that is the best method, unless they just come out in droves, to which I would suggest you get a night scope for your 22 lr rifle.

Taking this to another level, I'm very familiar with bears coming around campgrounds.  I realize that for those of us who will be surviving in bear territory, keeping food away from bears will be an issue to deal with.  Personally...I'm counting on bears coming around.  Nay, I'm hoping bears will come around.  I could use the easy 80 pounds of meat.  : D

While we're on the subject of attracting animals, consider setting up salt rocks or planting food plots for deer, elk, whatever you're trying to hunt.

(your garden will attract animals like this guy)

(80 pounds of free meat)

(deer feeding from a food plot)

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